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Roving Packs of Pit Bulls, Drunk Drivers

I had a discussion a month or two ago with someone who really embraced the idea of outlawing pit bulls. His concern was that if people weren’t limited in what kind of dog they could own, some people would breed and train extremely powerful, vicious dogs who’d eventually wreak havoc on society. There would be roving packs of pit bulls bred and trained to kill.

I hear a similar argument every time I criticize DUI laws. When I suggest lesser penalties (and especially when I suggest eliminating DUI laws altogether), people say that if there weren’t strict DUI laws, everyone would drive drunk. In essence, there would be roving packs of drunk drivers liquored up and ready to kill.

Sure, eliminating DUI laws might result in an increase in the number of drunk drivers, but how many more drunk drivers would there really be? I don’t think a lot of people believe roving bands of evil, genetically-altered super-dogs are going to be a problem if we don’t get a breed ban passed right away, yet most people assume that our roads would be overflowing with drunk drivers if we relaxed or eliminated our drunk driving laws. Are huge packs of drunk drivers that much more realistic than huge packs of monster-dogs? Are there statistics backing that up?

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