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Should Be an Interesting Race

Tom Horne officially announced his candidacy for attorney general last week. No surprise there. Andrew Thomas will probably make his official decision soon. No surprise there either. What’s surprising is what I discovered reading about the race in this article.

It looks like there’s a third lawyer seeking the Republican nomination for attorney general. That lawyer is none other than Tajudeen Oladiran, whom you may remember from this motion. I usually don’t pay much attention to elections, but with Taj and Andrew Thomas both competing for the GOP nomination, I think I may start following the race.

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  2. Ben Anderson says:

    Somewhat of an interesting race here – I can’t stand Tom Horne (having a wife in education will do that) and while I have absolutly no interest in him holding public office anywhere, the thought that he could get out of education is somewhat appealing. I may have to watch this as well…

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