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In case you haven’t noticed, I have not put up a post in weeks. First there were trials. One made it to verdict, one ended in a mistrial, and one got continued over my objection. After the trials came motions. I think I wrote about a dozen big ones in a week or two. Eighty-hour weeks felt like the norm, and the idea of writing anything, even a blog post, seemed an awful lot like work.

As soon as the smoke of trials and legal writing cleared, I left on a motorcycle trip. Adrian and I had been planning to ride to Cabo San Lucas and back for quite some time. We’d carefully set up coverage months in advance, notified all our clients, and left Phoenix a little over two weeks ago. The plan was to ride dual sport motorcycles all the way down the Baja Peninsula and spend a week or two embracing a more laid-back way of life. We succeeded in making it to Cabo, but we were less successful with the whole relaxation thing.

Now that I’m back, I get to enjoy the combination of exhaustion caused by a vacation, backlogged work, and a generally busy schedule to begin with. I’m starting trial again, but I promise I’ll get back to blogging weekly, beginning this week.

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