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Outlawing Awesome

Over at Defending People, Mark Bennett posts about a video that’s recently gone viral. In it, a scrawny Australian bully torments a bigger, older victim before getting his ass handed to him. The official response seems to be not just against the bully, but against the victim who fought back. Mark calls it a “Bully Rorschach Test” and says, “I see that giving government a monopoly on the lawful use of force is dangerous to us and corrosive to society.” He asks: “What do you see?”

Well, first off, I definitely see what Mark sees. But I also see something dwelling deep within our society that’s now becoming apparent on the surface. I see that the government, just like most people these days, is on a mission to stamp out awesomeness.

It’s easy to make rules that seem logical and keep people neatly in line. Tell people that violence is at all times wrong. “It never solves anything.” Except when the government uses it, that is. The people obey the government. They choose their positions on issues and how they react to events, like the events depicted in that video, based on a perverted but seemingly logical groupthink. Deciding based on the collective, supposedly reasonable delusion that we can have absolute safety or absolute order or absolute anything, we effectively destroy any and all potential for something really awesome happening.

I love the idea of a bully getting taken down by his victim. In his post about people’s response to the video, Mike Cernovich at Crime & Federalism hit the nail on the head: “The video touches on what Carl Jung or his student Joseph Campbell would call a universal archetype. Deep within our DNA, we hate bullies.” The video is awesome. What happened was awesome. The mere thought of what happened in the video is awesome. Mike’s probably right about why I think that.

In the crazy violence-doesn’t-solve-anything, let’s-all-get-along, no-one-hurt-anyone-else-ever world we live in, the fact something is awesome doesn’t serve as justification at all. No matter how strongly we appreciate something or relate to it deep down, if we can’t convince others that it fits in our boring, ordered system of perpetual uneventfulness, it’s outlawed.

In general, I love the idea of victims fighting back. Innocent homeowners shooting a violent intruder, a store-owner capturing a thief, and any number of tables-turned scenarios get me fired up. They’re awesome. That’s the primary reason why it’s all discouraged by the government.

Putting the intruder or thief through the criminal justice system sucks. They’ll likely get a disproportionate sentence unrelated to the wrong long after the fact, or they’ll get away with it. When they’re starving or bored or high after plotting revenge and new crimes for years in one of the criminal boot camps we call prisons, they won’t remember the time they spent in custody when they think about doing it again. They’d probably remember that time they got shot in both kneecaps.

I love taking a car around a racetrack. Few things feel better than dragging a knee as you take a motorcycle around a sharp corner. Going to the shooting range or just hiking into the wilderness to set up targets and waste some ammo is a blast. These are all awesome things. I cannot justify to a group of nannies why they should let me waste tires or gas or bullets doing something dangerous. That the things I have described are fun and awesome is enough for me. It isn’t enough for them.

As the government influence in my life increases, I suspect I will see an uptick in the need for me to justify things that are awesome. We all will, no matter what it is you do that’s awesome. If it’s really that awesome, then it almost certainly can’t be justified to the kind of people in charge. When I watch the video and hear about the reaction, I think about that.

To answer Mark’s question, what I see is an example of awesomeness, something that may not be around for too long if the majority of people have their way.

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