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Lessons From Dave

I’ve got a dog named Dave. I tell people he’s named David but they can call him Dave for short. He came with that name, but it’s perfect. He’s perfect.

Dave is doing his favorite thing in the world right now. Twenty seconds ago he was running laps in the backyard chasing invisible birds. Now, he’s probably digging a hole to sit in. Or he’s pooping someplace that’ll make it difficult for me to pick up in a few days. Regardless, whatever he is actually doing right now is his favorite thing in the world. Nevermind what I said before.

Dave likes to sit at the backdoor desperately begging to be let outside. Outside is his favorite thing in the world. If I let him out, he invariably spins around before longingly staring back inside, pining to return to the warm house and sit on his doggy bed waiting for his next adventure. That’s his favorite thing too.

Walks are Dave’s favorite thing. So are house guests. And dinner. Especially someone else’s dinner. But not after he’s eaten that and is ready for his own dinner. Now that’s really his favorite thing.

Dave is neutered, but I’m pretty sure he’s tried to have sex with everything in my house. Sex is his favorite thing. Balls or no balls, he’ll at least hop up on something and try to make a go of it. It’s his favorite thing, after all. Except for everything else.

I envy Dave. He lives in a world of infinite possibilities. He isn’t attached to any of them. Whatever he has is what he needs. It’s his favorite. Everything else is still really exciting though.

If only I could be a little more like Dave.

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