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Does He?

I’m bad about checking Google Analytics to find out how people reach this site. I hear that tracking such a thing can make a lawyer rich and famous, but I’ve never had the discipline to look regularly. Luckily, I have a funny friend who may just get me hooked on it. This gem showed up in the search overview a little while back:

Adrian Little looks like my lesbian aunt

The tough thing is figuring out what’s more awesome: 1) that someone finagling those search terms can end up here (it works on my office computer but not on my home computer…no clue why that is); or 2) that someone came up with those search terms to amuse us.

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2 Responses to "Does He?"

  1. Andrew Becke says:

    Sounds like some of our law school buddies figured out “google bombing.”

    1. Matt Brown says:

      And I suppose I’ve made the situation worse…

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