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Motorcycle v. Smart Phone

It turns out that Samsung makes a seriously durable phone. Here’s a Droid Charge, scuffed after some idiot left it on the right pannier of an enduro motorcycle and drove off at highway speeds:

Droid Charge

Believe it or not, the phone still works. Call quality is pretty good, and the screen works great, though the little hardware buttons at the bottom are a bit tough to press. In case you’re wondering, those rubber bands came off of a bouquet of grocery store broccoli crowns and actually hold the phone together quite nicely. And yes, this post has nothing to do with the practice of law.

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6 Responses to "Motorcycle v. Smart Phone"

  1. R. Raymond says:

    My teenage daughters do more damage out of their back pockets than I see on that phone. I’m surprised as the height would be roughly the same but the speed greater (the impact solves as the hypotenuse of the two vectors) so the rider really lucked out.

    I’m curious as to why you used “pannier” rather than the American English “saddlebag”? Generally, I only see that used by collectors of British and European classic, antique, or veteran motorcycles. And applied to those motorcycles solely.

    1. Matt Brown says:

      It was just the first word that came to mind. Too much time looking for old Jawa parts online, maybe?

      1. R. Raymond says:

        A Jawa twin pre-war or early post war perhaps? Plunger frame?

        I won’t bother you further, but yeah looking for old Brit or European parts changes your vocabulary. A Jawa certainly qualifies.

        1. Matt Brown says:

          A Kyvacka. And if you know someone with a motor (the 250cc preferably), please, bother me.

  2. Andrew Becke says:

    I wonder who would do such a thing?

    1. Matt Brown says:

      I can’t imagine…

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