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A Persuasive Offer To Contribute

Last Monday afternoon, an intriguing email from a charming fellow named Ryan appeared in my inbox:

Respected Sir,

I would like to inform you that i am interested in contributing “Law” related blog content on your blog.

Kindly let me know how should i proceed ahead for contribution.

Waiting for your response.

Ryan, who identified himself as a publisher as well as a writer, must be a faithful reader too. How else could he know my blog features “Law” related content?

He is also quite proactive. After i neglected to respond to him for over a day, he emailed me again during the wee hours of the morning last Wednesday:

Hello Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

I guess you must be busy.

Just wanted to know if you got a chance to go through my previous email.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Ryan must also be clairvoyant. How else could he know i am busy?

Well, i’m happy to say that i have good news for Ryan. Because he is obviously not just a connoisseur of blogs featuring “Law” related content but also a fan of this blog, i figure i can just write my response here.

Ryan, i would love to publish some of your “Law” related blog content on my blog. With commentary, of course. Please email your proposed submission to me as soon as possible. I will be terribly disappointed if you capitalize the letter “i” in the middle of a sentence even once, or if you stray from the generous use of what i like to call “Bangalore extra-polite-solicitation-talk,” an under-appreciated style of writing you’ve shown yourself to be quite capable of producing. Aside from that, anything goes, Ryan.

Am i the only one holding my breath until Tempe Criminal Defense gets to publish Ryan’s magnum opus?

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2 Responses to "A Persuasive Offer To Contribute"

  1. Andrew (the other one) says:

    Will his content involve ponies?

    1. Matt Brown says:

      My fingers are crossed.

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