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Centurylink High Speed Internet Agreement

Installing your new CenturyLink Internet and wireless network can be done in a pinch. Subscribers can take two routes. The pro-road or DIY route. Basic Phone: applies to a residential telephone line with directly selected local voice call; excludes commercial use, DF Internet connections, conference lines, directory and operator support, multi-party conference calls or anyone else who is not an individual for an interview or voicemail. CenturyLink reserves the right to move a customer from this plan to another plan if the use on the plan does not resemble typical local voice calls. Phone calls, domestic calls and international calls are not available. That`s for sure. CenturyLink allows autonomous and grouped plans. You can choose to go real fiberglass or stay at high speed DSL, and you can do it with or without home phone.

Watch CenturyLink Bundles to learn more about internet and home phone plans. Do you want to compare the plans? Visit the CenturyLink website to see all the Internet plans in detail. Another point in favor of CenturyLinks is that they do not have contracts, so you can terminate at any time without paying a fee. This is called freedom. CenturyLink also has a variety of speeds that meet different requirements, from 15 Mbps to 1 gigabit (or close enough – it`s technically 940 Mbps). The basic activities of the Internet are well covered by this speed plan. The plan is ideal for those who want to stay in touch with family and friends. And also record mobile data on their devices with Wi-Fi in-home.

Spectrum offers reliable speeds at a reasonable price. But if the raw speed is their target, you get CenturyLinks 1 gig. CenturyLink offers the cheapest 1 Gig plans, while Xfinity offers a better price for lower-speed plans and free access to a powerful Wi-Fi network. CenturyLink @Ease Packages: Residential CenturyLink High Speed Internet Services (“HSI”) contain virus protection and a PC health review, except that customers who subscribe to CenturyLink`s basic Internet service (without any function) or other ISPs are not allowed for online antivirus. For additional protection, HSI customers can subscribe to a centuryLink @Ease plan (a recurring monthly fee is charged tax-free and all additional services not mentioned below). The standard package includes desktop and internet security, PC support services (“PCSS”) level I, online backup (5GB), inside wire maintenance and pc protection plan. The extended package includes standard parcel services (with online back-up (50GB) and PCSS Level II) and a lifetime device warranty with modem purchase. Ultra Package includes Advanced Package Services (with 200GB of online back-up and PCSS Level III), identity theft protection, troubleshooting and home delivery. Desktop and Internet security, PCSS and online back-up covers one line of high-speed internet (up to five devices per household) and the PC protection plan includes two computers. A license is valid for Inside Wire Maintenance, Modem Warranty, Roadside Protection and Identity Theft Protection (covering two people). Full package descriptions are available at www.centurylink.com/easenow.

Additional restrictions apply. Some services in centuryLink packages @Ease are provided by third parties, not CenturyLink, and customers must assign the terms of these services to these third-party services.

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