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Ruyton Enterprise Agreement

C2004/5760, C2004/6231 s.99. s.170LW Dispute Resolution Application filed by TWU and Linfox Australia Pty Ltd reiterates that the consultation procedure under Article 32 of the agreement is not being respected – Lewin C – 20. 2004/6195, AG2004/7235, AG2004/7116-17 s.99 Notification of litigation by floorcovering Association of Victoria Inc and CFMEU allegedly a labour dispute threatened, as far as unions are concerned, to insist that members of the Floorcovering Association of Victoria Inc. contribute to Incolink Fund Nr 1. s.170LJ CFMEU request – FFPD – Victorian Branch (No 2 Branch) e.a. for certification of the 2004 National Paper Industries Broadford Agreement and United Doormakers (Vic) Pty Limited Enterprise Agreement; s.170LS CFMEU Application – FFPD – Victorian Branch (No 2 Branch) and another for certification of the Monarch Spas Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2004-2006 – Acton SDP – 1 October 14 AG2 7822-23 S.170TM Request from FMC Relationship Service for renewal of the Certified Rerogation Agreement on nominal expiry date from October 24, 2004 to October 30, 2004. June 2006; s.170MD (2) Request from FMC Relationship Services for amendment to the agreement certified FMC Relations Services Certified Agreement 2002 – Kaufman SDP – October 20 AG2004/7228-29 s.170MH Request from Strathcona Baptists Girls Grammar School Limited, in order to terminate the contract re Strathcona Baptists Girls Grammar School Ltd certified Agreement 2000 after the date nominated; s.170LK Request from Strathcona Baptists Girls Grammar School Limited for Certification of Agreement Re Strathcona Baptists Girls Grammar School Ltd Certified Agreement 2004 – Watson SDP – 8 October AG2004/4689, AG2004/7641 s.170LJ Merkon Construction Applications Pty Ltd and others for certification of agreements re Merkon Constructions Pty Ltd and CFMEU Construction Industry Collective Agreement 2002-2005 and Fire Protection Systems Australia Pty Ltd Sprinkler Fitting Certified Agreement Vic 2002/2005 – Giudice J – 28 October Schools can provide information, including issues related to equal opportunities, Recording, codes of conduct, business negotiation and working with children`s control.

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