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Service Agreement Contract Traduccion

The ZapThink Take Regardless of the specifications, it is clear that companies are now struggling with the creation of service contracts. The fact that the specifications are fluid is an important indicator of what is emerging SOA. However, you don`t have to wait for all these vast metadata specifications to be put in place for the creation of service contracts. In fact, one of the most important activities a company can do is to define its contracts and policies in a language that man can understand. A contract is the expression of visible aspects of service behaviour and, therefore, contracts never contain the data that suppliers and consumers actually exchange, nor does it include any particularity as to how a supplier or consumer will meet the requirements of the contract. Because consumers are as different as suppliers, there may be multiple contracts for a single service. Another point of clarity is the difference between the treaty and the policy. The definitions of these terms may vary from company to company, but a general understanding of the difference is that a directive is a set of conditions that can apply to any number of contracts, from none of them at all. A policy may indicate, for example. B, that all interactions with services must be secured by SSL and that this policy would then apply to all service contracts within an organization. In the midst of this decisive step towards SOA, we are now beginning to ask more difficult tactical questions about how to implement SOA. Some issues are organizational, while many others are technical. Questions generally focus on the central themes of the SOA.

We don`t see as much importance on technical zingers as the best way to set up complex transaction-based systems with millions of messages per second, but some of the simplest questions you could ask about SOA. Many questions focus on building a service. In particular, the question now is what many architects ask us, what exactly is in the service contract. Ideally, there is a universal service contract definition language that includes the description of the service function, the definition of service functions and limitations, and an interaction model for data and behavior. But there is no such unique language! Instead, there are a number of additional specifications that now expand WSDL in development, which want to increase the richness of service contracts, but do so in pieces.

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