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Strawberry Perl End User License Agreement

Strawberry Perl is a Perl environment for MS Windows that contains everything you need to run and develop Perl apps. It was designed to be as close as possible to the perl environment on UNIX systems. Any perl program I write can be sent to anyone I want. But I can`t burn an image of my AS environment – my software on a DVD. AS requires users to upload the AS Perl environment to the AS website. Perl is a programming language adapted to writing simple scripts and complex applications – see www.perl.org. Note, however, that the ActiveState community edition is not the same as the CPAN modules. CPAN modules are Mostly GNU. But ActiveState CE has a few more terms. In addition, any object code associated with Perl is not automatically under the GPL conditions, provided that this object code only adds definitions of subroutines and variables and does not affect the interpreter resulting in the execution of a standard Perl script. I thus consider the link in subroutines C as a moral equivalent of the definition of subroutines in the Perl language itself. You can sell such an object file as a proprietary file, provided you provide or offer the Perl source, as stated in the GNU General Public License. (This is just another way to indicate the program`s entry).

You can also sell a binary file generated by the dumping of a current Perl script that belongs to you, provided you provide or offer the Perl source in accordance with the GPL. (The fact that a perl interpreter and your code are in the same binary file is, in this case, a form of simple aggregation.) Monthly subscription: $0.00 plus taxes due You will be charged $0.00 for each user assigned to the app. Is that a statement or a question? As a statement, it`s true – the Perl license states that it must be. If that is a question, I answered it for you. General – technically, each module can be allowed separately. There is no need to release Perl code (including modules) under any type of FLOSS license. It contains Perl binary files, compilers (gcc) – related tools, all external libraries (crypto, mathematics, graphics, xml…), all bundled database customers and everything you expect from Strawberry Perl. The CPAN allows perl users to download one of the few pre-packaged modules. Many of these modules can be installed in any Perl environment.

However, the successful installation of certain modules (XS modules) requires a functional C compiler and a development environment. Most Perl distributions believe that such an environment – usually provided with most Unix or Linux systems – already exists; However, Windows does not have a C compiler and the required development environment, and these must be installed separately by the user or administrator. Read docs.activestate.com/activeperl/5.26/get/license/ Strawberry Perl is a distribution of Perl programming language for the Microsoft Windows platform. In addition, Strawberry contains a fully functional MinGW C/C compiler with many libraries. While most other distributions depend on the fact that the user has already installed software development tools to install some Perl components, Strawberry Perl comes with the most commonly used, preconfigured and packaged tools. This is a dramatic abandonment of other Perl distributions and has influenced other distributions (such as its main rivals, the free but closed source ActivePerl distribution, published by ActiveState) to provide such development tools in their own distribution.

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