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Territory Contract Agreement

There is a territorial clause where rights are granted in the world. This could go hand in hand with the exclusivity above; for example, there could be an exclusive license in the United States, but in the rest of the world it could not be done exclusively. This would allow the developer to enter into contracts with other publishers outside the United States. It is important to ensure that, when signing several sales or publication contracts, the rights do not overlap so that either distributor becomes an infringer. As a general rule, the agreement contains a guarantee clause stating that the rights granted can indeed be granted. Clauses like this will be discussed next week in the second segment of this series. g. Full agreement. This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the proposed transactions and replaces all previous written and oral agreements as well as all concurrent oral agreements relating to these transactions. g. The obligations of the recipient party under this section 6 remain in the event of termination or non-renewal of that contract for a period of [number of years] of years. In order to avoid any doubt, the distributor`s client and negotiator lists are considered protected information under this agreement.

E. The performance of this distribution agreement by the company and the performance by the company of its obligations and obligations under this agreement do not violate an agreement in which it participates or is bound by other commitments, and the distributor is an independent contractor and not an employee, representative, partner, partner or joint venture with or with the supplier. Neither the distributor nor the supplier have the right to enter into contracts or commitments on behalf of or on behalf of the other, or to engage them in any way, unless authorized in this Agreement. b. Applicable law. This agreement is a contract governed by the laws of the [state] and is subject to all purposes and is governed by the material laws of the [state] state, regardless of its principles of conflict of laws.

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