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Agreement In Criminal Matters

States Parties undertake to assist each other in criminal matters in accordance with this Convention. Mutual legal assistance in criminal matters Contracts (MLAT) are a relatively young development. They are aimed at improving the effectiveness of mutual legal assistance and at regularizing and facilitating its procedures. Each country designates a central authority, usually the two judicial services, for direct communication. Contracts have the power to summon witnesses, force the production of documents and other actual evidence, issue search warrants and issue proceedings. As a general rule, the remedies offered by contracts are only available to prosecutors. As a general rule, the defence must follow the methods of investigation in criminal matters, in accordance with the laws of the host country, which usually contain letters rogatory. See “Questions” below. 1. The requested State shall confirm whether a natural or legal person who has been the subject of a criminal investigation owns or controls one or more accounts with the banks mentioned in the application. 2. The requested State shall make every right of itself to make available to the requesting State objects, including criminal records, held by the legislative, administrative or judicial authorities of the requested State, as well as by local authorities, and which are not accessible to the public, and under the same conditions as those which would be available to its investigative and enforcement services.

A person who is the subject of criminal proceedings in the requested State and whose presence in the requesting State is necessary for the purposes of the mutual assistance provided for in this Convention shall be temporarily transferred to the requesting State for that purpose if the person and the requested State agree to the transfer. In the event that existing bilateral agreements between EU states and the US are not compatible with the agreement, the EU framework should be a priority. . . .

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