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Who’s The Fairest of Them All?

What makes a blog worth reading? What makes a blog worthy of an award? The ABA apparently knows, and last year I was fortunate to find myself in great company after being selected for the ABA Journal Blawg 100. From what I recall, I got the least votes in my category. Darn. This year, I was not surprised when I failed to make the cut. Oh well. Regardless, I was pleased to see some great criminal justice blogs in the line-up. Mark Bennett’s Defending People has had a serious impact on my approach to the practice of law. His writing, his approach to issues, and his posts about jury selection in particular have made me a better lawyer for having stumbled upon his … Read entire article »

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Please Vote

Not in the ABA Journal Blawg 100 (which you should have voted in already), but for this. Please read the summaries. Someone’s sad about being called a “little girl?” Pissed that someone is making more money than you? Okay, the cyanide one is funny, but does it really matter if someone at Skadden makes more than you do? Tenths of an hour got you down? Don’t like doing the Dew or upset you lost your cushy job? I can feel for all of those people, but the guy who is “Building His Case” has them all beat. No question. Please vote. Vote early, and vote often. He’s a lawyer, and the bitterness is palpable. Does anyone seriously think any of … Read entire article »

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