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How Important People Think

There aren’t nearly enough Arizona legal blogs, which is the primary reason why I keep the Arizona Appellate Blog in my feed. The constant use of “we” and “our” in posts that are either the product of a depressingly underwhelming group effort or the bizarrely haughty statements of an individual rub me the wrong way. So do somewhat regular comments that seem to indicate its author or authors believe they’re writing to a captivated audience awaiting each post with baited breath. If they are, I can’t imagine who comprises their audience. Regardless, it’s not a worthless blog, as it at least has original content and isn’t just blatantly pimping someone’s services. It’s a sad state of affairs where lawyers writing because they have something to say and not only something to … Read entire article »

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What’s Wrong With Us?

I spent the weekend volunteering at a biker rally. While I was at the registration area one evening, a call came in about a woman falling in a culvert. I tagged along to assist a friend who used to work in an emergency room. As we approached, we saw the woman laying on her back with a crowd surrounding her. She was asking for her husband and had obviously injured her leg. The people helping her thought it was broken. It was swollen, and she was unable to walk. When her husband arrived, she demanded he carry her back to their tent. She begged everyone not to call an ambulance because she couldn’t afford it. They honored her wishes. I couldn’t help but marvel … Read entire article »

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