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To Pull Or Not To Pull

I received an email a while back from a lawyer who was the subject of a post here. I’d called him out for making accusations against another lawyer in a forum comprised of nearly every DUI lawyer in the state. His wasn’t a terribly friendly email, but that was hardly a surprise. What was a surprise was exactly what upset him. He was mad that I had written something negative about him on the internet. That was his biggest sticking point. He disagreed with what I wrote, obviously, and he thought I had no business writing about him in the first place. Even more important to him than correcting things he believed I had wrong, however, was making sure I understood what he perceived to be … Read entire article »

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Screening Comments

The blog was getting way too much spam. Now, people leaving comments have to answer a simple math problem. It’s usually something like 1 + 1 = ?, but it sometimes involves subtraction and even multiplication. Not tough stuff. Someone recently sent me an email complaining about the math. He (or she, possibly, as the email address was quite androgynous) apparently had a brilliant comment but couldn’t get past the equation. He sent an email requesting that the administrator post the comment for him because he was vexed by the difficult calculations necessary to offer his two cents. I refused to do it. How good a comment could it be, after all, if the author struggled to complete some basic arithmetic? He didn’t even think … Read entire article »

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Back to Blogging

In case you haven’t noticed, I have not put up a post in weeks. First there were trials. One made it to verdict, one ended in a mistrial, and one got continued over my objection. After the trials came motions. I think I wrote about a dozen big ones in a week or two. Eighty-hour weeks felt like the norm, and the idea of writing anything, even a blog post, seemed an awful lot like work. As soon as the smoke of trials and legal writing cleared, I left on a motorcycle trip. Adrian and I had been planning to ride to Cabo San Lucas and back for quite some time. We’d carefully set up coverage months in advance, notified all our clients, and … Read entire article »

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Missing the Point

You can imagine my surprise yesterday when this ten-day-old post suddenly lit up with new comments. They read like typical troll comments, but they were from lawyers. Local lawyers, in fact, and ones who seem to have quite a bit of experience. I believe I have multiple mutual friends with at least one of them, though I doubt he realizes that. I have no clue what possessed all of them to comment at once. Like typical troll comments, they made ad hominem attacks. One writer accused me of presuming my clients guilty, another accused me of going off “half-cocked” without knowing my facts, and yet another seems to think I merely hold myself out as someone who practices criminal defense and accused me of throwing gossip … Read entire article »

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Happy Birthday to Us

Exactly one year ago, we started this blog. The goal was to put up one post per week, and to date, there have been 88 posts. Unfortunately, there have only been 96 comments despite the fact hundreds of people subscribe to our feed and we get thousands of hits each month. The new goal is to encourage more comments. Any suggestions on how we do that? … Read entire article »

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