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Movin' On Up

I haven’t had much time to write these past few weeks due in large part to the fact the firm has moved. We are now located in Tempe, much closer to Phoenix and most of the courts where we usually practice. The move actually happened on the 1st of January, more or less, but the transition was still happening until this week. For all I know, it may well continue happening for weeks to come. I say that because it turns out Brown & Little, P.L.C., is the first business in the history of the world to move offices. I know it seems implausible, but I am certain you’d agree if you got to see how more or less every vendor involved dealt with the logistics … Read entire article »

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No Poll

As you can tell, we went ahead and picked a name. We appreciate all the suggestions and comments as well as the logo, but we ultimately decided we should call the blog something that actually describes what it is. We are in Chandler. We practice nothing but criminal defense. We just blog about things we feel are relevant to the practice of criminal law in Arizona. An increase in search relevance isn’t a bad side-effect (people searching for the terms “brown” and “little” probably aren’t looking for a lawyer), and it avoids words that, like “desert” or “justice,” might be cheesy or misrepresent what we do. Now we’ll stick to putting up posts, hopefully more frequently. … Read entire article »

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