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Honest Self-Improvement

It’s pretty rare for me to link to something without providing commentary, even when I find out about it from David Friedman. It’s downright unprecedented for me to link to or even read much of anything at Cracked, the densest jungle of ad-filled top-five lists on the internet. That said, you should really check out this article discussing harsh truths that will make you a better person. Like David Friedman said, it’s both well-written and sensible. … Read entire article »

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Accepting Responsibility Government-Style

I was really struck by this post, but not for the reason its author was struck by the Met Commissioner’s apology. I know it’s old, but I’ve been busy. Sorry. Anyway, maybe I’m misunderstanding him, but I’m surprised David Friedman would think that apology was in any way out of the ordinary. I’m pretty sure apologies from the government are usually meaningless. I imagine it’s the same everywhere. I’m not thinking as much about when wrongful government action kills people as I am about when the government wrongfully charges people. If you’re wrongfully charged, unless you spent a lot of time in prison or were on death row, “be thankful we eventually dismissed your case” is probably the best response you’re going to get. The state … Read entire article »

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