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Why Do We Do It?

I can’t remember ever disagreeing with anything Bobby G. Frederick has written over at the South Carolina Criminal Defense Blog, but I definitely don’t feel the same way he does about something he says in this post. I really like the term “cause lawyer,” which I’ve never heard before, but I can’t say I agree with this: Defense attorneys, by and large, don’t do this for the money. We have to pay the bills and run an office, and compensation is good, but we do this because we love what we do and because we believe in what we do, whether it is helping people or whether it is fighting to preserve what little rights we have left as citizens. This might be petty, as I’m just disagreeing with his generalization … Read entire article »

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New Blog Name

It was recently brought to our attention by Scott Greenfield of Simple Justice that calling this blog “Brown & Little, P.L.C.” might be dissuading other blawgs from linking to us. I can see his point: it’s just too promotional. On top of that, it isn’t very creative. Personally, I’m the kind of guy who sees no problem naming a dog “dog” or a goldfish “goldfish,” but I have to admit a name change is probably in order. We will officially change the name soon, but we’d first like to get some input. We keep getting stuck on Scorpion-themed blog names, as we’ve always wanted the kind of dignity and respect animal law firm mascots command. “The Scorpion,” “The Scorpion Kings,” “Scorpion Justice,” and “The Stinger” are … Read entire article »

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