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I Don’t

Forbes, and more recently Oliver Burkeman, have both discussed the important and interesting difference between “I don’t” and “I can’t” when it comes to breaking bad habits. They note that studies have actually shown that saying something like “I can’t eat that extra cookie” is far less effective at preventing you from eating that extra cookie than saying “I don’t eat extra cookies.” It works in all kinds of other areas too, apparently. Although both articles talk about why that is, each explaining in different ways how “I don’t” is a choice while “I can’t” is a restriction, neither touches on a potential deeper reason for the difference or explores its broader implications. Consider the implications about who the “you” is in the statement when you’re saying “I … Read entire article »

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Outlawing Awesome

Over at Defending People, Mark Bennett posts about a video that’s recently gone viral. In it, a scrawny Australian bully torments a bigger, older victim before getting his ass handed to him. The official response seems to be not just against the bully, but against the victim who fought back. Mark calls it a “Bully Rorschach Test” and says, “I see that giving government a monopoly on the lawful use of force is dangerous to us and corrosive to society.” He asks: “What do you see?” Well, first off, I definitely see what Mark sees. But I also see something dwelling deep within our society that’s now becoming apparent on the surface. I see that the government, just like most people these days, is on … Read entire article »

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Lesser Included Offenses

In many cases that go to trial, it is important to request that the judge give the jury a lesser included offense instruction. That means that you ask the judge to tell the jury that the crime with which the defendant has been charged includes a lesser crime and that, if they feel the facts warrant it, they can find the defendant guilty of the lesser crime instead of the charged crime. For instance, in Arizona, theft is a lesser included offense of robbery, so if you are accused of robbery, the judge can tell the jury that they can find you guilty of theft instead. Some jurors don’t like the fact they only have two options (guilty or not guilty), so a lesser included offense instruction gives them … Read entire article »

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