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Winning Without Trying

My fantasy football team is really kicking some ass this year. In fact, I haven’t lost yet. Not once. Even when I have a bad week, my opponent somehow manages to do worse. In all the years I’ve been playing fantasy sports, I’ve never seen anything approaching this kind of success. Admittedly, I have a secret this year. The secret started when I forgot to do any preparation for the draft. Hell, I actually forgot about the draft. The system’s defaults picked a great team for me based on its internal formulas. I was quite pleased. Since seeing the immediate success of the team I played no part in creating, my strategy has remained hands-off. I rely entirely on whatever numbers happen to … Read entire article »

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Criminal Defense Trial Records

I’ve recently had a few clients mention to me that they had initial consultations with certain Phoenix-area attorneys who boasted jury trial records of more than twenty acquittals without a single conviction. I would have assumed they were exaggerating if they weren’t all saying the same thing. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that attorneys with jury trial records of twenty or more wins without a loss are exceedingly rare. I’m certain there are attorneys out there with records like that, but multiple attorneys within a five-mile radius? In my experience, a case that’s close to a guaranteed winner will get dismissed prior to trial more often than not, so the ones that go to trial tend to have a less than perfect defense. That’s … Read entire article »

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