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Wonder Dog

This story is absolutely unbelievable. At least a judge finally put an end to it, but how many years have people convicted by such blatantly false evidence had to serve? If these people were convicted by overwhelmingly obvious sham evidence, why weren’t all of the jury verdicts overturned? I’m assuming it was the bulk of the State’s evidence in each of the cases, which I think it is a fair assumption. Tracking over water? Picking up a scent six months later?

The officer should be in jail, and the prosecutors should be poster children for why absolute immunity is a bad idea. I don’t know all of the details, and I know I’m making the above statements without investigating the cases and writing in anger. However, this is simply horrible. The governor or the attorney general needs to launch an investigation now.

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8 Responses to "Wonder Dog"

  1. Riley Carter says:

    I love those large German Shepherd dogs and also those tiny Chihuahua,’.

  2. Dog Hater says:

    Here is lawsuit being filed in Texas by people erroneously held by “scent lineups”:

  3. Joan Bundy says:

    Dog hater! :)

  4. Adrian Little says:

    Joan I disagree. It is outside the realm of possibility given the facts of the case. Regardless of the case I would still disagree that a scent can be followed over water and unless it is an extremely potent smell I can’t imagine it lasting six months.

  5. Matt Brown says:

    Adrian just hates dogs. Dog-hater.

  6. Joan Bundy says:

    Hey, dude, dogs are amazing creatures and they have scent glands that are about 10,000 times more powerful than humans. I don’t know the particular facts of that case and what the dog did or didn’t do, but I know it’s not outside the realm of possibility they could pick up scent over water and/or over a six-month time period. Give the critter some credit! :)

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