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Our Delicate Sensibilities

There were two big car chases yesterday. One in Los Angeles ended in an arrest:

One near Phoenix…not so much:

The suspect in Arizona committed suicide, and the news apparently regrets the fact it didn’t cut before airing the dirty deed on live television. I’d rather not watch that stuff, but I’d rather not watch the news either.

The people of Texas killed a guy earlier this week. Five days earlier, they killed another. The people of Ohio killed one that very same day. Texas also killed a guy in August, but they weren’t alone. Oklahoma did too. More importantly, so did Arizona. The good people of our fair state pumped a man full of drugs until he died.

The demure little flowers whose delicate sensibilities might be offended by the distant sight of a man shooting himself in the head in the desert are the same people who let their state strap a caged man to a table and take his life. They killed a man a month earlier, but seeing a faint pistol shot on video might scar them. Poor people.

Better to arrest him and carry through with a slow murder behind bars using the crazy laws we’ve passed. Subject him to sodomy and violence and strip him of all humanity in the event he ever gets out. Let the others we’ve marginalized torture him. Just don’t show us a picture of him taking his fate into his own hands, accelerating the outcome we’d all want him to have if we weren’t so dead-set on doing it ourselves. Without seeing it, of course.

We want to murder. We want to imprison. Do you think that guy yesterday would’ve shot himself in the head if he thought the outcome of whatever happened was going to focus on rehabilitating him? If we were going to help him to deal with his problems or even punish him in any manner that wouldn’t make a bullet in the temple seem more palatable?

He was a human. He loved and hated and ate and breathed and slept just like you. Someone probably loved him. Now he’s dead.

Watch the video. Think about it. It’s your fault.

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