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The Border: A Pictorial

With Obama trying his best to turn our country into North Mexico and the steadfast Republicans and their judge in Texas doing all they can to protect our way of life by suddenly pretending to care about the constitution, I thought I’d share some hiking photos and prove to you once and for all that we must secure the border.

Somewhere out there, Mexico starts:


Somewhere out here too:


The mountain in the back is definitely in Mexico:


Here it is again:


As you can see, Mexico is very different.  And scary.

That’s probably a little Mexican town at the base.  Americans like drugs too much, so it is probably a dangerous town. Police there are probably corrupt too. A cop might stop you a demand $20 on the spot so he and his family can afford dinner.

There’s a little US town at the base of this US mountain:


The US town is safe because we just use the Mexican drugs. Our cops are much better too. They stop you, and a group of people demand $120 later. That money then goes to pay for more cops to get more money from more people like you because we would all kill each other without rules.

We are totally different from them. Here are both mountains and both towns, with the border somewhere in between:


The border apparently has a fence, which prevents people from sneaking into this country. Can you see it if you zoom in a little?


You probably can’t see it because the border is so vast.  We can secure it with fences, though, because it’s just common sense.  Fences keep things out.  We therefore need more fences. Without fences, people from Mexico would flood our country with the drugs we want and then take our jobs.


Off to the right in the picture above is Mexico again. And more fence, though you can’t see it. This is looking the opposite direction from the other photos. The border is long, but it is our duty as good citizens to fence it all.

And if that doesn’t work, we need armed men standing at the fences. Every hundred feet or so should do the trick. These need to be incorruptible men because there is a lot of money to be made in the drug business. They need to be well-trained too. They need guns and night-vision goggles and off road vehicles and helicopters and horses.

The uneducated might point out that we can’t keep drugs out of schools or prisons. That’s totally different. Doing the same with hundreds of miles of rugged, mountainous terrain adjacent to hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness is possible. We just need to try harder. It’s common sense.

Look over those photos again. Now imagine the hordes of people rushing across the border to get amnesty. Imagine them dropping anchor babies all over our country. Are you scared yet?

It’s clear we cannot just allow them to continue to expand our economy’s productive capacity, stimulate investment, and promote specialization that in the long run boosts productivity.  What on earth would we do if all kinds of smart, skilled, talented, passionate, hard-working people who happened to be born just a little too far south were suddenly able to enjoy all of the wonderful things the rest of us do?

As you can see, we must keep them out, and we can keep them out. We need to do it for the children. Our children, though. Not their children.

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