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It was a great example of how the world of the deaf and deaf came together. The relationship between Reuben and Derek was amazing, and I loved the way they fed each other energy. The reality of how the deaf community is considered cheesy and something to exploit was obvious, but the fact that the main character, Reuben, also had a disability (stuttering), I felt like that wasn`t addressed enough in the film. My only criticism is that Gareth`s character seemed forced, his personality did not seem realistic to me. He looked like he was portraying a person he wasn`t in real life. He looked like a guy too nice to behave like that. For the rest, I recommend this film to all my deaf and listening friends. Well done! Gareth reached the lowest of his career. He is over 50 years old and he applauds his lost youth and his fading career. Hungry for a chance to return, Gareth agrees to meet Reuben and discuss his collaboration with The Burden of Being Me. Derek is also present at the meeting and quickly points the finger at Gareth`s self-obsessed narcissism. But Reuben neglects his observations, blind by the support offered by Gareth.

Derek`s mother, Faye Shanahan, and Sister Courtney deeply protect Derek and treat Ruben`s artistic ambitions with skepticism. Faye, a painter, discourages Derek`s participation in Ruben`s films in favor of noble causes to support deaf education and defend human rights in the footsteps of Helen Keller. Reuben acknowledges the hypocrisy and continues to follow his film with Derek and Gareth. The plot is that of Reuben (played by Davo Hardy) who, with the help of his deeply deaf friend (played by Joshua Sealy), does not overcome an obstacle to speech through the use of Auslan. After building enough of Ruben`s confidence to promote his higher ambitions, Derek contacted an Australian canvas legend, Gareth (played by Paul Mercurio), to support Reuben in his fledgling career. But shortly after seeing the potential in Reuben`s autobiographical script, Gareth takes over the project for his own good and cleans up the story for a wider audience, cutting Reuben out of the equation. . . .

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