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Share Exchange Agreements

This Share Exchange Agreement (“Agreement”) dated November 25, 2020 is entered into by and between Folkup Development, Inc., a Nevada corporation (“Folkup Development”), and Powertech Holdings Company Limited, a limited liability company in the British Virgin Islands (“Powertech”), and the common shareholders of Powertech (a “Shareholder” and, in total, the “Shareholders”) listed in Appendix A to this Agreement. This share exchange agreement will be entered into as of October 21, 2020 by and between QDM International Inc., a Florida company (“QDM”), QDM Holdings Limited, a British Virgin Islands company (“QDM BVI”) and Huihe Zheng, sole shareholder of QDM BVI (the shareholder of QDM BVI). Together, the shareholder, CXJ, ECXJ and Cai are the “parties”. THIS APRIL 8, 2020 SHARE EXCHANGE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) of and between Intelligent Living Application Group Inc., a company incorporated under the laws of the Cayman Islands (“ILA Cayman” or “the Company”), Intelligent Living Application Group Limited, a business company established under the laws of British Virgin Island (“ILA BVI”), and the holders of common shares of ILA BVI, in Appendix A (a “shareholder of BVI” and, together, the “shareholders of BVI”). THIS SHARE EXCHANGE AGREEMENT (this “Share Exchange Agreement”), effective October 26, 2020 (effective date), is established by and between Bare Metal Standard, Inc., a publicly traded company founded under the laws of the State of Florida (the “Company”), and American-Swiss Capital, Inc., a private company established under the laws of the State of Florida (“AS Capital”), Finished. and the shareholders of AS Capital, represented by the shareholders of American-Swiss Capital, Inc. . . .

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