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Tenancy Agreement For Spouse Visa Uk

@Rachael you will find the form to fill out here visas-immigration.service.gov.uk/apply-visa-type/appendixfm?_ga=2.5180019.1704800876.1574415034-1614929686.1490876542 @PP you do not need to buy or rent the new property before applying. Just indicate your friend`s current address – proof of accommodation is not mandatory, but you can indicate your current lease if you wish. Unfortunately, if you`ve been married or had children with someone else, you need to explain it, and the question of who has parental responsibility for the child can affect your chances of getting your visa. My girlfriend and I, British, plan to get married in June and apply for the visa, but she won`t start working until July, is that enough to prove her income? Dear White Rose Visa, I plan to file a spouse visa in a few weeks, but I have doubts about the financial requirements. I have the pay slips for the last six months that show that he earns more than 18600 a year, but my spouse works in a restaurant and it shows in the pay slips that his salary has increased after two months of beginning, is that a problem? and what should the letter of work indicate since his salary has changed (the new monthly salary, the old monthly salary or the annual salary)? Thank you very much. This does not mean that you cannot travel outside the UK as soon as the visa has been issued. @Lema, you cannot leave the UK while an immigration application is pending. Please make sure that you cannot switch from a visit visa to a spouse visa within the UK, for example.B. Hello Whiterose, I am collecting evidence to bring my Wife and British child to the UK, as far as adequate housing is concerned, my parents live in a 4 bedroom house and the housing allowance pays the rent and they have agreed that I, woman and girl, I live with them, what evidence I have to present to the ECO. The lease with my mother`s name and a letter of explanation from my mother saying that she wants us to move in with her will suffice? Another thing is, do I really have to prove that I pay rent or communal tax to meet the proper accommodation requirements? Thank you and forgiveness for this long comment I am a British citizen and have been married to my American spouse since 2001 – I lived in the United States just before our wedding after moving there on a fiancé visa…

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