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Unc Transfer Agreement

If you are currently attending a Community College and are planning to move to UNC, we have developed bachelor`s degree plans for our most popular majors that can help you choose your courses at Community College. If you follow these degree programs, you will be in the best position to move on to UNC smoothly and complete your desired core subject. Please note that these are only recommendations. We do not require or expect all transfer students to have completed the courses listed in these Pathway documents. In accordance with CAA`s terms, any transfer student who disagrees with the amount of the transferred loan accepted by a North Carolina Community College or UNC institution may file a claim within the first six weeks of the start of the semester for which admission was offered. A student may receive a complaint form from a student AAC from the admissions body of the university or university to which they were admitted. The North Carolina Articulation Agreement (CAA) is a national agreement governing the transfer of credits between the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) and the public universities that make up the University of North Carolina system. This agreement defines university transfer courses accepted by all institutions in the UNC system of the 58 NC community colleges. Students who meet the graduation requirements have certain guarantees that the credits acquired will be transferred to UNCW. Admission to university does not constitute admission to a particular vocational school or program. The following universities and independent universities support the articulation agreement for the transfer of the associate in arts or associated with scientific degrees: Transfer Credit Appeal Procedure If a transfer student finds that the conditions of the CAA have not been met, he or she may follow the transfer credit appeal procedure. (Annex E of the attached global articulation agreement) UncW has agreed to abide by the Uniform Articulation Agreement Between the UNC System BFA Programs and the NCCCS AFA in Visual Arts with respect to their existing Art Studio Arts License. Certain university education requirements are maintained for students who enroll under this agreement.

CAA allows graduates from the North Carolina community to change their junior status to two-year graduates associated with Arts (AA) and Associated with Science (AS) admitted to constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina. A student who completes their Associate of Arts or Science Associate degree before joining a UNC institution has met the general requirements of the UNC institution. An agreement between universities and some community colleges aims to facilitate the transfer of students from higher education to higher education in applied sciences (AAS) to baccalaureate programs. Transfer students who have completed an Associate Of Arts, Science or Fine Arts degree with a cumulative AMP of at least 3.0 (on a scale of 4.0) in transferable college-level courses at one of the community colleges listed below enjoy, upon adoption at UNCW, the following benefits: To understand how courses you have taken elsewhere, will be transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill, you will find it helpful to check and understand the requirements of the Carolina Making Connections Program. Caa gives certain assurances to the transferring student: the various sites of the University of North Carolina Systems and ncCCS are subject to an articulation agreement for the acceptance of transfer credits.. . . .

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