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The Posts at Mimesis Law Continue

I’m still posting twice a week at Mimesis Law. Here are my most recent posts: That asshole who hit that biker really needs a lawyer. People in the system sure protect their own. Sometimes, medical marijuana gives users more power than just legalizing it. Trial is risky. Aluminum foil hats are all the rage in Las Vegas. Whatever you do, don’t twerk a stranger in DC. What’s the right sentence for a hate crime? And this one went up today: Jared from Subway isn’t anything special. … Read entire article »

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Did He Mention It Was Just Plain Evil Too?

Jamison Koehler put up a post earlier today about Washington, D.C.’s “post-and-forfeit” statute being upheld in federal district court. A lawyer had sued D.C. after being arrested for disorderly conduct and given the “choice” pursuant to the statute of either paying $35.00 to be released and resolve the case or hanging around in jail for bit. As is often the case, Scott Greenfield wrote a post about the case over a year ago, not too long after the lawyer first filed suit. Whereas Scott expressed concerns about the law and its potential problems in his post, Jamison’s post wasn’t really about the law at all. He focused on how people shouldn’t pick unnecessary fights with police officers or bring stupid lawsuits. Discussing the plaintiff-lawyer’s decision to file … Read entire article »

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Internet Research

Sometimes, doing research on Lexis, Westlaw, or in a law library can be needlessly time-consuming. Treatises, handbooks, and encyclopedias are helpful, but they aren’t always organized intuitively or updated often enough to provide guidance when I’m dealing with a rapidly-evolving issue. Although it’s essential to verify everything and ultimately base any argument or advice on proper sources, occasionally I’ll use a simple internet search to get an overview of an issue. This is one of my favorite legal websites. It’s very interesting and seems to turn up frequently with Google search terms relevant to the confrontation clause. The sixth amendment is a fairly tricky area of law, and new cases tend to pop up relatively often. It’s nice to know that I can keep abreast of … Read entire article »

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