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Agreement of Unanimous

When it comes to formal agreements, the term “unanimous agreement” is often used to denote a decision that has been made by all parties involved. However, there is some debate over whether this phrase is grammatically correct, or if it should actually be “unanimous consent” or “unanimous approval.” In this article, we`ll take a closer look at the term “unanimous agreement” and explore some alternative options.

First, let`s examine the meaning of “unanimous agreement.” This phrase is typically used to describe a situation in which all parties involved in a decision or vote have agreed on a particular course of action or resolution. For example, a board of directors might reach a unanimous agreement to approve a new budget, or a group of colleagues might come to a unanimous agreement on the best way to handle a particular project.

However, some grammar experts argue that “unanimous agreement” is redundant, as the word “unanimous” already implies agreement or approval by all parties. In this view, using the term “unanimous agreement” is like saying “an ATM machine” or “a PIN number” – it`s technically correct, but it`s redundant and can sound awkward.

So what are some alternatives to “unanimous agreement?” One option is “unanimous consent,” which is often used in legal settings to describe a situation in which all parties have given their approval to a particular action or decision. For example, a court might require unanimous consent from all parties involved before proceeding with a settlement agreement.

Another option is “unanimous approval,” which is similar in meaning to “unanimous agreement” but avoids the redundancy of using both words. This phrase is often used in corporate or governmental settings to describe situations in which all members of a committee or board have approved a particular proposal or decision.

Ultimately, the choice of phrase will depend on the context and the preferences of the writer or speaker. While “unanimous agreement” is technically correct, some readers or listeners may find it awkward or redundant. As a copy editor, it`s important to be aware of these nuances and help your clients choose the most appropriate and effective language for their messages.

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