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I could make a very long list of idiotic misconceptions police officers have about drugs, but my favorite by far is the legendary marijuana green-tongue. Believe it or not, police officers are actually trained to look for a green tongue as an indicator of marijuana use. In fact, the dreaded green-tongue even made it on the NHTSA’s website. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

I seriously doubt there is any real scientific research supporting that theory. Sure, the NHTSA claims it’s true and cites plenty of studies, but I’m not about to read every single resource they cite to see how exactly they came to the conclusion that a green-tongue means recent marijuana use. Can anyone point me to the specific study? If there is a study, is it peer-reviewed?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there’s no way any self-respecting, independent scientist would have a bunch of test subjects smoke marijuana so he could note the color of their tongue. My guess is that some drug-prohibitionist government lackey who had never actually used marijuana or even associated with marijuana users was asked to list every conceivable sign of marijuana use. Something as stupid as the infamous marijuana green-tongue just had to come from the government.

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  2. tanner says:

    I found this because my buddy got pulled over after burning one in his car and the cop smelled it. He told the cop he had not smoked his medicine for two days. the cop asked him to stick out his touge and looked at it with his flashlight then said … your right you have not smoked pot???? What a riot …. hope I get so lucky if I ever get pulled over

  3. Toke master says:

    Haha that is the about the most bullshit iv heard in my life. I am a dentist but belive it or not but i am the bigest stoner i know. I have heard much of this green tounge bullshit and hav done many studies on it myself. The only conclusion I could come to is there are selfish law oficers who are to dumb to meet their quota so they turn to this techniche. So theirfor if you are ever acused of smoking weed because of a green tounge tell that basterd to shut the fuck up and get his fuckin facts strate.

  4. jared says:

    I went to that link to the NHTSA. I found this association to hard drug usage comical:

    “Joints and blunts are often laced with adulterants including PCP or crack cocaine. Joints can also be dipped in liquid PCP or in codeine cough syrup.”

    I’m sure you can dip joints in lots of things. Usually the only thing my joints absorb is pocket lint and maybe spilled beer on the coffee table. I know countless marijuana users. I don’t know any PCP or crack users.

    In most of the publications I’ve read about marijuana, the terms “often” and “may” may be used too often.

  5. Maxim G says:

    Hate to tell you this mate, but I found this article searching for possible causes for my green tongue (which I attribute to my daily marijuana use.)

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