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A Break from Blawging

At the end of the day today, I’ll be a dozen miles into a seven-hundred-something mile hike from Mexico to Utah. I’m sure I’ve spent more time planning to take the time off than I’ll spend hiking.

If you’re wondering where I am or what I’m doing (hint: hiking or sleeping), you can track my progress here or here. Depending on your browser and whether the WordPress gods are pleased with me, you may be able to track me on this page:

Needless to say, there won’t be much if any posting at Tempe Criminal Defense for about fifty days. I’m probably not going to be very quick about approving comments either, so save your all-caps emails about me violating your First Amendment rights until I’m back.

First crazy guy from New Jersey who found me on the interwebs, wants a bit of free legal advice, and meets me at a waypoint with beer and cheesecake will get a special prize. It won’t be legal advice though. It might be an empty camp stove fuel canister and hug from a smelly criminal defense lawyer. Sorry, buddy.

See you all in May!

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