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Crappy Outcome For Doody

I was quite proud of myself for writing a whole post about Jonathan Doody’s case a couple of months ago without making a single poop joke. Trying to write two was tempting fate, so please forgive the title.

Anyway, the combined tireless efforts of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and its lying admitted-serial-killer pal and star-witness Alessandro Garcia finally paid off when they were able to convict Doody, who may be innocent, after a Ninth Circuit reversal, a mistrial, and five days of jury deliberations well over two decades later. They must be proud. We can now all rest assured that this punk kid won’t ever be at large:


He may look like a sad, middle-aged man who has spent every moment of his adult life in prison because of something prosecutors only guess he did due to the fact a murderous snitch said so, but that’s because you haven’t yet channeled your inner Scared White Repub­li­can Vot­er. You probably also care about the fact that the new abbot at the temple forgave those who murdered his predecessor and friend long ago, you bleeding heart liberal.

All I really have to add is a warning to Debra Millke that she should probably be pretty concerned about her imminent retrial even though the lying cop who coerced an alleged confession out of her has since been discredited and would now be pleading the fifth if called at trial. Arizona takes old cases with questionable evidence of guilt very seriously. It’s not like we also have abysmal crime clearance rates, after all.

Oh shit…

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