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In Defense of Compassion

Elie Mystal put up something yesterday at Above the Law about the lawyer on leave from her job as an associate court attorney at the Manhattan Supreme Court who jumped to her death from her apartment with her 10-month-old son strapped to her in a baby carrier. Her son survived, thankfully. She did not. Elie said he didn’t want to use the restraint or show the sympathy for suicide “victims” (his quotation marks) that he apparently feels society requires and expects of him. What he wrote was certainly consistent with that: Screw this woman…. After noting her likely unsupported feelings that something was medically wrong with her child and the fact she wrote in her suicide note that what she was about to do was “evil,” Elie continued: Damn straight she … Read entire article »

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An Unemployed Lawyer Is Still a Lawyer

The legal market is not good. You probably knew that already. There are unemployed lawyers everywhere and probably even more soon-to-be-unemployed-lawyers sitting in law school classrooms around the country. You probably knew that too. It seems like everyone knows it’s a rough economy for legal services, but people are entering the profession in droves. Is it that they all assume they’re the best? That they’re the ones who are going to be first in their class and skyrocket to lawyerly fame and fortune? I don’t have an awful lot of sympathy for law grads struggling to find work. It wasn’t too long ago that I had nothing but a bar number, an awareness that I had no clue what the hell I was doing, … Read entire article »

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I know why people hate lawyers. In fact, I’ve been watching a bunch of lawyers stage an elaborate and twisted public allegory in which they bitch about huge Biglaw bonuses as if the people receiving the bonuses somehow deserve bonuses at all and act like getting months or even years of pay for the average American is somehow an insult. Wait…what? It isn’t satire? People hate lawyers because they think lawyers are greedy. They think we’re all a bunch of privileged little brats who’ve lived our entire lives in a world of endless opportunity. They think we went to private schools and had tutors. They think we entered a mysterious old money system at an early age and got fed straight from prep school into … Read entire article »

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What Would I Have Done?

I finally subscribed to Above the Law. I thought about it once before after clicking on links to it from Simple Justice, but I quickly realized that Scott Greenfield’s commentary on articles far exceeded the quality of the articles themselves. It popped up on my radar again after people kept asking me if someone there found out about something from me and didn’t attribute it, but I doubted that was true and didn’t have enough time to worry about it anyway. I forgot about the site again until recently, when Brian Tannebaum began posting there. I couldn’t figure out how to just subscribe to his posts, so I’ve been getting everything. It’s way too much to read, what with running a practice and all, but some of … Read entire article »

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