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Screening Comments

The blog was getting way too much spam. Now, people leaving comments have to answer a simple math problem. It’s usually something like 1 + 1 = ?, but it sometimes involves subtraction and even multiplication. Not tough stuff.

Someone recently sent me an email complaining about the math. He (or she, possibly, as the email address was quite androgynous) apparently had a brilliant comment but couldn’t get past the equation. He sent an email requesting that the administrator post the comment for him because he was vexed by the difficult calculations necessary to offer his two cents. I refused to do it.

How good a comment could it be, after all, if the author struggled to complete some basic arithmetic? He didn’t even think to Google the answer. I told him to give it his best shot and never heard from him again.

I think there’s a distinct possibility someone just sent the email to be funny. If so, mission accomplished. If not, remind me to send my web guy a thank you letter.

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3 Responses to "Screening Comments"

  1. I didn’t go to law school to do math, brah…

  2. Jamison says:

    I had to comment, just to see if I could figure out the equation. Woo hoo. I am a genius.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I’ve never commented before (I always read!), but I had to come to your site just to see the question…mine was tricky: nine – 7. ;-D

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