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Still Writing…

My steady stream of posts goes on at Mimesis Law. Here are links: Whatever you do, don’t name the misbehaving prosecutor or let the defendant get away with anything (because he’s totally guilty anyway). This is how false confessions happen. Being named Bradley Scott Johnson is apparently a crime punishable by four days in jail. They pretty much throw darts to decide who gets charged and who gets the prosecutors to play tiny little violins in support of their innocence. Throw all the books you want at drug offenders, it ain’t gonna make a damn difference. Cops get lucky, people pretend we didn’t all know that was what was gonna happen. Sometimes getting arrested is worth it. A statutory rape goes from shitty to less shitty. And here’s my last one (until tomorrow): Quit trying to justify your gawking. BONUS: I got … Read entire article »

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I’ve Been Writing

It might seem a bit dead around here, but I’ve actually been blogging more than ever since the beginning of August. It’s all over at Mimesis Law, however. Here are tl;dr synopses of the posts, with links: Sometimes judges do a good job with rulings involving technology. Black people matter more than lions. Courts couldn’t care less about the horrific life of a defendant. Screwing people more gently isn’t really such a big deal. The Black Lives Matter agenda could do a better job of putting the power in the hands of victims and their families. There’s no such thing as too crazy for “justice.” Kim Davis is committed, but she’s hardly worthy of praise. Sometimes, stopping government overreaching trumps prosecuting perjury and convicting the guilty. Close to home is easier than fair. Not every senseless murder supports your position. For … Read entire article »

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Getting Internet “Clients”

I’m a big deal. I have a blog. The ABA even gave me a little badgy thingy despite the fact I placed last. Regardless, I’m a badass. Check out what my enduring internet fame has given me: Is my plea going to get better? Do prosecutors quit giving offers after it’s set for trial? And this: Can I possess a firearm? Or have a look at this one: The police are at my door. I’m in New Jersey. What do I do? Need free advice ASAP. No money, LOL. I’m making these up, of course, but the real ones are worse. Trust me. Sadly, these types of messages are the fruits of my labors. I’m no Eric Mayer of Unwashed Advocate fame (have a listen here), … Read entire article »

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Celebrate Scott Greenfield Day

I’m not posting this because Scott Greenfield gave this little blog the extreme blog makeover that put it on the map, or even because he’s defended me previously. Those aren’t my reasons for posting; those are the reasons why I should feel like a jerk for not posting sooner. Anyway, today has been declared Scott Greenfield Day. Although it may be over for those of you in the Eastern Time Zone, there are still a few hours left to celebrate Scott and his fantastic blog, Simple Justice, everywhere else in the US. If you don’t read it regularly, you should. … Read entire article »

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No Poll

As you can tell, we went ahead and picked a name. We appreciate all the suggestions and comments as well as the logo, but we ultimately decided we should call the blog something that actually describes what it is. We are in Chandler. We practice nothing but criminal defense. We just blog about things we feel are relevant to the practice of criminal law in Arizona. An increase in search relevance isn’t a bad side-effect (people searching for the terms “brown” and “little” probably aren’t looking for a lawyer), and it avoids words that, like “desert” or “justice,” might be cheesy or misrepresent what we do. Now we’ll stick to putting up posts, hopefully more frequently. … Read entire article »

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New Blog Name

It was recently brought to our attention by Scott Greenfield of Simple Justice that calling this blog “Brown & Little, P.L.C.” might be dissuading other blawgs from linking to us. I can see his point: it’s just too promotional. On top of that, it isn’t very creative. Personally, I’m the kind of guy who sees no problem naming a dog “dog” or a goldfish “goldfish,” but I have to admit a name change is probably in order. We will officially change the name soon, but we’d first like to get some input. We keep getting stuck on Scorpion-themed blog names, as we’ve always wanted the kind of dignity and respect animal law firm mascots command. “The Scorpion,” “The Scorpion Kings,” “Scorpion Justice,” and “The Stinger” are … Read entire article »

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